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Creole Beef Jerky (50g)

Creole jerky? Sounds crazy, right? Hold your horses because this flavour is rocking. We created, tweaked, and re-tweaked until we had an authentic Creole inspired blend of herbs and spices that makes for an outrageously moreish jerky.

Blueberry Hot Sauce (150ml)

Our Blueberry Hot Sauce is back! We use fresh ripe blueberries crushed together with ghost peppers and lime juice and makes for one of the best sauces we’ve ever made. You’d think spicy blueberries would be weird, but a little sprinkling of this on a falafel wrap, or grilled halloumi, and you’ll be in heaven (with a touch of hell on your tongue!)

4 Jerky Pouch Bundle

High in protein, low in fat, high in flavour. Go ahead and pick 4 pouches of our absolutely fantastic award winning beef jerky. Want to chew on some Chipotle? Or are you ragin' for some Cajun? Fill yer boots!

6 Jerky Pouch Bundle

High in protein, low in fat, high in flavour! Go ahead and pick 6 pouches of our amazing beef jerky! Are you craving some Creole? Or want to score some Scorpion? Be warned, because just like it's namesake this packs a sting! Fill your boots!

Cranberry Hot Sauce (50ml)

Cranberry Hot Sauce? What better way to spice up your sprouts, give the turkey a twist, and set your Christmas dinner off with a bang! A festive favourite packed full of delicious cranberries and fruity scorpion peppers.

Chipotle Hot Sauce (150ml)

A rich, thick, spicy, sweet and smokey chipotle sauce that's great with anything! When I started making this chipotle chilli sauce back in 2013, there was nothing like it on the shelves, and you know what? There still isn't! This is hands down the best chipotle hot sauce you'll ever treat your tastebuds to. Just check out our reviews!

Habanero Hot Sauce (150ml)

A Belize style garlic habanero chilli sauce. It's great for spicing up salsa, soups, and anything else. A damn fine all-rounder sauce and perfect for folk looking to move their hot sauce journey away from Tabasco.

Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce (150ml)

A hot, fruity Caribbean style hot sauce made with fresh mango and a good kick of heat. Gold Star winner at the 2019 Great Taste Awards!

Scorpion Hot Sauce (150ml)

A delicious and lingering fruity scorpion hot sauce that's perfect for those that like to burn. Gold Star winner at the 2020 Great Taste Awards! great taste award 2020       Guild of Fine Food judges comments: "A fruity, layered flavour. There is balance to this sauce with some sweetness through the fruit flavours and then a graded delivery of heat. This is nicely aggressive with a pleasing mouthfeel."

Jamaican Beef Jerky (50g)

We use our special blend of herbs and spices to bring you an authentic taste of proper Caribbean jerk.

Moroccan Beef Jerky (50g)

We’re closer to Culloden than Casablanca, but that didn’t stop us creating an amazing tagine mix that works perfect for beef jerky.

Cajun Beef Jerky (50g)

Tastes so good you'd think you were down in the Bayou. No need to go all the way to New Orleans for proper Cajun flavour!

Chipotle Beef Jerky (50g)

We cracked the perfect chipotle sauce, so why not the perfect chipotle jerky? This is a must for any true chilli head! Gold Star winner at the 2020 Great Taste Awards! great taste award 2020       Guild of Fine Food judges comments: "Good chew and texture. The spices and the chilli slowly wake up delivering a building heat and mouthful of flavour. Excellent length." "Wonderful chipotle aroma. We enjoyed the sweet, chipotle flavour, which really complemented the beef."

Scorpion Beef Jerky (50g)

Jerky is delicious, but scorpion chilli jerky is both delicious and hot! High quality, small batch, and it'll blow your head off.