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4 Jerky Pouch Bundle

High in protein, low in fat, high in flavour. Go ahead and pick 4 pouches of our absolutely fantastic award winning beef jerky. Want to chew on some Chipotle? Or are you ragin' for some Cajun? Fill yer boots!

3 Hot Sauces Bundle

3 of our award winning handmade UK hot sauces of your own choosing. No matter which ones you pick, you're in for a hell of a treat!

6 Jerky Pouch Bundle

High in protein, low in fat, high in flavour! Go ahead and pick 6 pouches of our amazing beef jerky! Are you craving some Creole? Or want to score some Scorpion? Be warned, because just like it's namesake this packs a sting! Fill your boots!

Angry Ass Hot Sauce (50ml)

Angry Ass Hot Sauce is for die-hard sauce fans only. 40% Ghost Peppers plus 1 Million SHU Extract! The name isn't subtle because the sauce isn't subtle. If you're looking for a wing challenge sauce, here it is. If you're not looking to in physical pain, y'all best move along.

4 Hot Sauces Bundle

Why not treat yourself to a selection of the best UK hot sauces you're ever gonna taste?

5 Hot Sauces Bundle

Help yourself to 5 of the most flavoursome, delicious, and spiciest hot sauces you're likely to find! A little light Chipotle to jazz up some tortillas? Maybe you'd prefer the Scotch Bonnet - great with grilled chicken or tofu? There's a sauce here for every taste.